White Wood And Ceramic Fondue Pot

  • £31.00

The wood and ceramic fondue set comes with serving dishes placed on a tray. 

The ceramic pot is placed on a burner that can be lighted with a tea light candle to keep the fondue pot warm at the right temperature.

1 wooden tray, 4 plates, 4 skewers, 1 stand, 1 tea light candle, 1 fondue pot with burner

The fondue set is used to serve cheese and chocolate with crispy bread crumbs, marshmallows, fruits like strawberry, apples or veggies like broccoli and baby potatoes. Winter is the right season for serving fondue that can enliven a Christmas party, new year party or even a winter evening gathering.

Avoid using a dishwasher or any abrasive cleaning material to prevent scratches. Plates: 15cm Fork: 14cm Bowl: 10cm Burner:7cm; Plates: 7cm Burner: 7cm; Plates: 

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