Return & Refund Policy

The return and refund policy lays forth the conditions under which a consumer may ask for a refund or return of things they have already paid for. To be eligible for a return or refund, the item must be unopened and in the same state as when you received it. The following prerequisites must be satisfied before the Company will accept product returns or provide refunds:

 .The item you purchased is either broken or leaked

 .The item is either incorrect in quantity or size

 .The item is nearing or is already expired

Only items with physical damage or products that have been shipped erroneously, along with items that have been damaged in transit, will be accepted for return. We must receive an email within the stipulated time frame that includes pictures of the damaged or inaccurate items in order for us to accept the request.

Please call us at (+44 2037691387) or send us a message at ( as soon as possible after receiving an item if you desire to return it.

Returns won't be accepted if the item has been used, the seal has been broken, or the serial number has been tampered with. The returned item will be examined and the claim will be verified when it is received by Magnific Kitchens.

Once your return has been accepted as an eligible return, we will make arrangements for pickup and a reimbursement. If it is decided that the item cannot be returned, a courier will deliver it back to you.

As soon as the transaction is made, your account will be debited for the original product price, except shipping and other fees. Only if you have not yet received anything at your doorstep will we accept full payment.

To learn more about our return and refund policies, get in touch with us.