Oven Mitts And Pot Holders Sets

  • £10.00

  • £11.00

Oven Mitts Silicone Heat Resistant- The food grade silicone is 600F heat resistant and waterproof, very protective in the oven, you felt no heat on your hands and long enough to protect your forearm.

Soft cotton lining offer additional protection and comfort easier to do thing with your hands when they're on.

Silicone outer shell and comfortable lining provide a great grip.You don't have to worry about a hot pan or pot accidentally slipping out of your grip. silicone is flexible and shapes to your hand, open stubborn jar lids.

Easy to Clean and Store  Easily clean mitts by simply rinsing under water with soap, dishwasher safe. Not taking space, hang them up when not in use.

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