Maker Pop Up Tray

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ROUND/SPHERICAL CUTE BALLS ICE TRAY: Wolpin Ice Cube Trays with lids can produce up to 33 ice balls with one ice cube tray! The lid prevents overflow to keep your freezer neat and tidy. This ice cube tray is non-toxic, safe and odourless.  Each ice ball is 2.9 cm in diameter, and 2.9 cm in height. Impress your guests with these unique round ice ball cubes for fruits/herbs infusion, drinks, juices, water, soda, wine, ice tea or bar.
MATERIAL & SIZE: BPA-free PP Material, Tray Size: 24.5 x 14.5 x 3.5 cm
PACKAGE CONTENT: 2 Pcs Ice Tray with lid, produces 33 x 2 = 66 Ice balls
MULTIPURPOSE: Ice cube moulds, where you can make 33 sets of ice cubes, let you meet your different needs. Each tray can produce 33 round ice cubes at one time. You can use these ice cubes in iced drinks. Round ice cubes are perfect for iced drinks, as they keep your drink colder longer.  The Ice Cube Tray is easy to wash. Great for whiskey, cocktails, coffee, fruit or herbal infusions. Try mint for the perfect Mojito or strawberries for a delicious lemonade.
ICE CUBE TRAY FEATURES: This ice tray can be easily stackable in your freezer. Great for making small ice cubes for drinks, keeping food items fresh, and keeping the kids happy with their own fruity ice balls. Easy to Clean. The flexible ice tray is great to pop up ice balls easily. Food-safe materials: Our ice trays are made of high-quality food-grade materials. BPA-free, odourless and non-toxic. Safe and durable.

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