Kulfi Lolly Mold

  • £12.00

Popsicle Ice Mould Durable: These popsicle maker molds are made of durable high quality plastic, can be used again and again in the freezer for years to come, reducing waste.
Popsicle Mould Tray Easy to Store: Six pcs ice pop moulds include a popsicle molds base, which measured in 14cm x 14.8cm x 16.5cm. So that you can place these ice candy mold neatly in the refrigerator.
Unique Design: Ice pop maker designed for easy removal, and popsicles can store individually in the freezer to save space. And the smartly designed shape make it easy for frozen pop to slide out of mold.
BPA Free: Our popsicle maker is designed for easy to use and clean, totally non-stick. They are good for freezing juices and other ingredients, such as purees, yogurt, gelatin, fruit, ice milk, pudding, jams and jellies and more.

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