Cotton Mittens With Silicone Grabs

  • £10.00

  • £11.00

The Cotton Mittens with Silicone Grabs ensure that you stay in control of your cooking process with greater precision and control. The flexible silicone mitts work well when inverting dishes, pouring hot liquids, or even steaming food.

These mittens are perfect for baking and cooking. They not only do a great job of protecting your hands from heat, but they are also very easy to clean and will even help you clean off your oven after use!

Bake, broil and roast your favorite foods with ease thanks to our oven mitts. Soft and durable, these mittens help keep your skin safe from harm. Perfect for cooking just about anything in your kitchen, these oven mitts are sure to become a staple for you at home and on the go!

We use food-grade silicone insulation material, offering protection up to 235°C, which is not only for better heat releasing, but also ensure stable and non-slip grip of all cooking tools.

Upgrade your gloves, and say goodbye to burns and kitchen spills – forever. The Finiky waterproof and heat-Proof Silicone mittens are a state-of-the-art alternative to worn-out fabric gloves. Unlike fabric, silicone won’t tear, thin or fray.

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